Quinn Organic Popcorn Review

I’m not normally a popcorn fan, mostly because up to 93% of our corn is genetically engineered and sprayed heavily with chemicals, but when Quinn Popcorn contacted me asking if I would like to sample their Organic Popcorn I thought, hell yeahhh, I can finally eat popcorn again! I have tried a few of the Organic popcorns I have seen in the stores, however, most are pretty dry and plain so I never really bought them again. Not only is Quinn Popcorn Organic and non-GMO, their popcorn comes in so many delicious flavors it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Besides making pre-bagged popcorn, Quinn also makes microwave popcorn, without all the scary chemical coatings and toxic plastic & metal bags. Because I refuse to use microwaves, I was happy to learn that these bags of organic corn kernels can also be popped the old fashioned way by using a pot and healthy oil of your choice.

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