Project Juice Co-Founder Marra St. Clair Q & A!

Have you ever wondered the difference between juicing and smoothies? Which is healthier and why? Or, perhaps you’re wanting to start a juice cleanse but you’re not so sure if it’s healthy for you? Today I am chatting all things liquid fruit thanks to this special one on one with Marra St. Clair, the co-founder of Project Juice!

Before we start this Q & A, here’s a little info on Project Juice. I first discovered Project Juice online a few months back when I was in serious need of a juice cleanse. After just one online order of fresh Organic juice and nut milk, I was hooked, they have so many awesome flavors I really could not wait to be back for more. Not only is Project Juice 100% Organic, their juices are always cold-pressed, delivered fresh to your door.

While they do make it easy to order online, they also have a handful of stores around Northern and Southern California, think an all Organic Jamba Juice, only better! Their stores are stocked full of the yummiest foods, smoothies, and juices, I really would eat here every single day if I could.

Now that you know a bit more on the brand and what they carry, here are the questions I had for them, perhaps to make the juice/cleanse process a bit easier to understand, and to shed a bit more light on this awesome company I have grown to love, let’s chat!

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Project Juice Review

Because I know you all are just as obsessed with finding cool new juice companies as I am, meet Project Juice! Not only does Project Juice sell juice from their retail locations all over Northern and Southern California, they also offer direct to you home delivery which is awesome for people short on time like me. I have been searching for a new juice company to try out and thanks to Instagram came across this company. Their yummy unique flavors and super pretty pictures lured me in and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. While yes, these juices are pricey, you must remember that you are paying for some of the best, most fresh Organic juice on the market so for me, it’s worth the cost, especially to avoid making a giant, time-consuming mess at home. So to give you a better idea of why I love this company, check out some of my favorite features of them!

Project Juice Review

Why I love Project Juice-

  • All juices are Premium Cold Pressed
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Certified
  • They have close relations with their farmers at all times!
  • They offer yummy, unique flavors.
  • Nationwide Delivery!
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