Project Juice Organic Juices

Starting today with a fresh, Organic juice from Project Juice! Today I woke up and drank this {Green Ginger} juice on an empty stomach to fill my body with lots of Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Lemon, Ginger & Romaine! The Kale helps provide natural energy while detoxifying the liver, Romaine strengthens bones, Spinach provides protein and iron, Celery pushes out toxins while balancing electrolytes, Cucumber flushes excess water while hydrating the skin, Lemon stimulates digestion and Ginger purifies the blood!

You could easily make this juice yourself at home with a juicer, or, if you want juices already made without the mess, Project Juice has FREE shipping right to your door and code {organicbunny} saves you 10% OFF at checkout! Seeing so many people around me sick, Organic juices are something I am never ever without! Fuel your body with health now to hopefully avoid major sicknesses later!

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Project Juice Co-Founder Marra St. Clair Q & A!

Have you ever wondered the difference between juicing and smoothies? Which is healthier and why? Or, perhaps you’re wanting to start a juice cleanse but you’re not so sure if it’s healthy for you? Today I am chatting all things liquid fruit thanks to this special one on one with Marra St. Clair, the co-founder of Project Juice!

Before we start this Q & A, here’s a little info on Project Juice. I first discovered Project Juice online a few months back when I was in serious need of a juice cleanse. After just one online order of fresh Organic juice and nut milk, I was hooked, they have so many awesome flavors I really could not wait to be back for more. Not only is Project Juice 100% Organic, their juices are always cold-pressed, delivered fresh to your door.

While they do make it easy to order online, they also have a handful of stores around Northern and Southern California, think an all Organic Jamba Juice, only better! Their stores are stocked full of the yummiest foods, smoothies, and juices, I really would eat here every single day if I could.

Now that you know a bit more on the brand and what they carry, here are the questions I had for them, perhaps to make the juice/cleanse process a bit easier to understand, and to shed a bit more light on this awesome company I have grown to love, let’s chat!

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