Dairy Free Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream

If there is one thing I can not live without, it’s ice cream. I love ice cream! However, my body hates ice cream and every single time I eat it, I end up with a stomach ache and major regret. Traditional ice creams are packed full of hormones, gums, stabilizers and other nasty ingredients, which is why I always end up with bad skin, stomach aches, and eczema anytime I consume dairy or other store bought milks. {Organic almond milk is no exception here! The store bought brands of organic nut milks also have gums in them so beware!}

So, what’s a girl to do that loves dessert but ends up sick after eating it? Make a new, healthier way of course! I came across this Dairy Free Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream on Pinterest and just knew I had to try it out.

Not only is this recipe so simple, it is so delicious, better than regular ice cream in my paleo personal opinion.

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