Nu Evolution Cosmetics

Dashing out the door to pick Kyle up from the airport but wanted to post this look really quick! I just tried out a bunch of new items from Nu Evolution Cosmetics and I am really, really pleasantly surprised with the results! For anyone not familiar with Nu Evolution yet, they are a new makeup line that uses certified Organic, Non-Nano, clean ingredients, and never uses the bad guys like Parabens, Bismuth Oxychloride, BHT, Artificial Fragrances, Phenoxyethanol and more!

I rarely mix my makeup routine up, because I am very picky with the makeup I use, but today, I am glad I did because I just might have a new favorite liquid foundation! I really did enjoy the Nu Evolution foundation as it doesn’t sit super dewy like most of the natural ones I have do. It’s really nice to finally have a medium matte foundation back, comparable to my old Estee Lauder Double Wear. While the finish is matte, it’s not too matte if that makes sense? It’s like the perfect, non-dewy, but still flexible finish! I also am obsessed with the lipsticks, they’re SO soft, smooth and pretty on, and their shadows? Kiss MAC goodbye, no seriously, they’re so pigmented and pretty, I am forever a fan!

Anyway, here are the items I used to complete this look, and for anyone wanting to try this new line out!  Update- This is an older post so I was way more tanned here!

Nu Evolution Cosmetics

Makeup Details-

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