Purify Face Wash by LINNÉ Botanicals

In need of a new face wash that is truly clean and amazing for your skin!? If so, this Purify face wash by LINNÉ has been a recent favorite, especially because it does not dry out my skin in this chilly dry months we’re having! 

Made with over 99% Organic ingredients, this face wash is truly a treat for your skin. Featuring skin nourishing ingredients like Organic Aloe, Jojoba Oil, French Green Clay, Olive Leaf powder + more, this cleanser is so very gentle all while still removing makeup and environmental pollutants from your skin each day! 

Wondering if this is for you? This cleanser is great for those with sensitive skin and is even a great option for those with psoriasis or acne as it’s made with minerals like Dead Sea Salt known to prevent and heal such issues. The Olive Leaf is also great for soothing inflamed skin while the Tea Tree protects against bacteria and purifies the skin! 

Because I loved this wash so much, all of my December Organic Bunny Box subscribers found a (Full-Size} of this wash, I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! For everyone else, if you’d like to try this amazing USA made line out, code organicbunny now saves you at checkout!  {SHOP}

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