Natura Organic Wine Review

While I’m not a huge drinker, I do like to enjoy a refreshing cocktail or glass of wine from time to time. When I do drink, though, I prefer it to be as organic and natural as possible, which is why I was super excited to come across this Organic, Vegan wine by Natura! Natura is currently the number one imported Organic wine brand and it’s produced by Emiliana Organic Vineyards, the world’s leading organic winery!

The Natura wine collection features nine varietals, three whites and six reds, all produced from the highest quality, most pure, hand-picked, organic grapes, harvested from certified organic vineyards in some of the most renowned winegrowing valleys of Chile! Organic, natural products always taste better to me, so this wine was no exception. Because you are getting the absolute best quality 100% Organic grapes, free of all harsh chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer, you really can taste a huge difference in this wine and it’s amazing. Because I am not a fan of red wine, I opted to try out the Sauvignon Blanc and limited edition Rose which both were beyond delicious, as I imagined they would be.

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