Hubalou Hair Wrap Review

Kiss frizzy hair goodbye thanks to these super cute, eco-chic hair wraps by Hubalou! These bamboo-fiber wraps not only ensure your hair stays frizz free, but they also prevent the damage that typically comes from using terrycloth or microfiber towels! Traditional bathroom towels act similar to Velcro, grabbing individual hairs, pulling curls apart, causing breakage and adding to frizz. Who knew right!?

So, want to keep your natural curls flawless, frizz-free and fabulous? Give these colorful and cute Hubalou wraps a try! Don’t have curly hair? Have no fear, these are amazing for all hair types, as everyone can benefit from damage and frizz free hair right!? I have pin straight hair and really do love these for drying my hair each day.

To Use: As soon as I get out of the shower, I brush my hair and then wrap my hair up while applying my makeup. Once I am done with makeup, I bring my hair down and then style as normal.


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