HollyBeth Organics Review

Love Organic skin care that is truly clean? If so, you will definitely want to explore the HollyBeth Organics line, a USDA Certified Organic skin care line I recently had the pleasure of trying out thanks to The Choosy Chick! Because I prefer more unique items, the ones I selected to review were the:

  • HollyBeth Calming Perfume
  • HollyBeth Grits + Honey Body Scrub
  • HollyBeth Rose Geranium Toner
  • Holly Beth Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer

My favorite item of them all was for sure the Grits + Honey Body Scrub as I really just love a good exfoliant! Made with Honey, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Corn Meal to scrub, this is amazing on both the face and body to really leave you with radiant, glowing skin, especially during these Winter months! 

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