Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

I’ve been researching the best pet insurance for Hudson because he’s always getting into some sort of trouble ???? and wanted to share the one we decided to go with! For just $45 a month, with a $100 annual deductible, he’s now fully protected for everything except routine visits and pre-existing issues, with them reimbursing 80% of the bills! ????????

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers emergency visits, cancer, chronic conditions, accidents, hip dysplasia and so much more, giving us total peace of mind. I feel so much better taking him to dog parks now that I know we have this, plus, the enrollment helps homeless pets, win, win, win! A few friends have this insurance and said it’s been a breeze to use and they reimburse without a hassle which is essential! To get a custom quote, based on your breed, head here ???? Share this with a pet owner that might need this info, it’s worth it to keep your babies protected!

Healthy Paws Pet Covers:

  1. Dogs & Puppies
  2. Cats & Kittens
  3. Illnesses & Accidents
  4. Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
  5. Cancer
  6. Chronic Conditions
  7. Emergency & Specialty Visits
  8. Alternative Care

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