THAO Organic Tea Review

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you will know that I love tea! From Matcha Green Tea to regular old Green Tea, I am a huge fan of tea! The problem is, so many of the popular tea brands are not safe to consume, as most come with artificial additives, suspect “natural flavors”, chemical infested tea bags and of course, most are not even Organic which means you are drinking leaves that have been saturated in pesticides. For my past blog on why I do not drink conventional teas, as well as some of the worst tea brands to drink, Organic brands even, click here.

Now that you know why drinking Organic tea is the best/only option for me, check out this new tea line I came across, THAO Tea, who specializes in 100% Organic, loose leaf tea. This tea line is super cool for anyone who prefers loose leaf tea, as well as tea that comes in fruity and delicious flavors, without the unknown “natural flavors”. While you will see natural flavors listed in their ingredients, THAO Tea’s natural flavors all come from Organic fruit or essential oils.

Awesome features of THAO Tea-

  • 100% Organic Loose Leaf Tea.
  • Free of all artificial colors and flavors.
  • No risk of paper or plastic tea bags releasing chemicals into your boiling water.
  • Free of crystallized fruits, companies can lace their tea with crystalized sugar, without having to list it!
  • Thao Tea can be steeped a few times since the whole leaf is used, no tea dust here!
  • An integrity-based tea company with a passion for transparency.
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