Spring Get The Look

It’s not every day that Citrine Natural Beauty Bar has a {15% OFF} sale, so to celebrate this one-day-only flash sale today, I wanted to share with you some of my must-have items from her store! These are products I use every single day, so, if you are need of a new routine, here is what I would check out and what I am wearing in this photo. I also have a brand new YouTube on how to get this look you can view that here.

To save 15% off, enter in code BUNNY15 at checkout. If you missed the sale, ORGANICBUNNY will always save you 10% off in the future.

  1. Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face Cream to prep my skin.
  2. RMS Uncoverup as a full coverage foundation and concealer in 22.
  3. Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation to contour cheeks, forehead, and chin in 135.
  4. RMS Tinted Un Powder to set the foundation in 2-3.
  5. Jane Iredale So-Bronze 3 for a rosy bronze blush.
  6. Eco Brow to fill in my brows in Penelope.
  7. Jane Iredale lip liner in Plum coated with Iced Mocha gloss.
  8. Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara.

Thanks to Karissa Bowers Photography for this sweet shot, if you are in need of pretty, bright and flawless photos for any occasion, shoot her an email, she is local in San Diego!

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Eco Brow Review

Did you know that the oh-so-popular Anastasia eyebrow products contain multiple parabens, which as we know, have various links to breast tumor formations? Many studies of actual breast tumors show a build-up of methylparaben in the breast tissue, which is why I refuse to use any product with parabens in it.

As a huge fan of the bold brow movement, I am pleased to announce that I have finally found the perfect solution to eco-friendly bold brows! Meet Eco Brow, a naturally derived, mineral based, paraben free brow wax designed to deliver fuller, more fabulous brows, without compromising your well being.

When I first tried this product out, I will admit I overdid it. Because I was not used to a brow wax {Normally use a powder}, my brows came out super dark and I was left not liking the product. I realized that I probably was just not used to this method, so I gave it another chance, which proved to pay off as I loved it much more the second time around using a much lighter hand.

How to Use Eco Brow-

This product works best when used with their angled brush, simply dip the brush into the brow pot and slowly dab and drag the color on. I suggest using less to start out, adding more if needed. The colors are very pigmented and rich so really… less is definitely more here. After I applied a few strokes, I used the brush end to comb the product through, then going back and applying in more product where any holes were spotted.

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