Eco Brow Review

Did you know that the oh-so-popular Anastasia eyebrow products contain multiple parabens, which as we know, have various links to breast tumor formations? Many studies of actual breast tumors show a build-up of methylparaben in the breast tissue, which is why I refuse to use any product with parabens in it.

As a huge fan of the bold brow movement, I am pleased to announce that I have finally found the perfect solution to eco-friendly bold brows! Meet Eco Brow, a naturally derived, mineral based, paraben free brow wax designed to deliver fuller, more fabulous brows, without compromising your well being.

When I first tried this product out, I will admit I overdid it. Because I was not used to a brow wax {Normally use a powder}, my brows came out super dark and I was left not liking the product. I realized that I probably was just not used to this method, so I gave it another chance, which proved to pay off as I loved it much more the second time around using a much lighter hand.

How to Use Eco Brow-

This product works best when used with their angled brush, simply dip the brush into the brow pot and slowly dab and drag the color on. I suggest using less to start out, adding more if needed. The colors are very pigmented and rich so really… less is definitely more here. After I applied a few strokes, I used the brush end to comb the product through, then going back and applying in more product where any holes were spotted.

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