Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tanner Review

There is nothing I love more than a fresh sunless tan, which is why every time I come across a new one, I gotta try it out. I recently learned about Chocolate Sun, an organic sunless tanning line, so I did what I do best and ordered a few online to review for you all. Considering I am an avid sunless tanner, I can easily tell a good tan from a bad tan and do have pretty high standards when it comes to the perfect tan. It has to be the perfect glowy bronze color, it can’t smell much and it has to apply easily all while holding up at least a week.

So, how did the Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tanner hold up? Check out my start to finish Chocolate Sun experience below.

How to Apply a Sunless Tanning Lotion-

Before I applied this sunless tanning lotion, I exfoliated my skin entirely with an exfoliating glove and my TASTYFACE Organics Tangerine Exfoliant. You always want to apply your tanning lotion on fresh, smooth skin. If you have any dry patches, make sure you exfoliate them all off prior to your tanning.

Once I had smooth, clean skin, I applied the Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow tanning lotion to one section of my body at a time to ensure even application. Start with your ankle and work your way up to your knee, rubbing the lotion in entirely. Once that section is done, move up to your knee to the thigh and so on, until your entire body is covered. I let the tan dry and then went to bed with it on me so it could really saturate. You definitely want to let this sit on your skin for a good 7-9 hours for the best results.

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