Buddha Tea Review

I have always loved drinking tea, but after learning that many organic teas can still contain toxins, I have definitely been looking at the tea I drink much closer. I first learned about how toxic tea can be from The Food Babe after she shared an alarming article about the reality behind some of our favorite teas.

Did you know that brands like Yogi, Teavana, Trader Joe’s, Tazo & all contain unsafe ingredients? From toxic tea bags to tons of fillers added to the teas here are some shocking facts about some of today’s most popular teas.

  • Celestial Seasonings– 91% of this tea tested had pesticide residues exceeding the U.S. limits.
  • Teavana– 100% of this tea, was found to contain pesticides. One tea, in particular, Monkey Picked Oolong, contained 23 pesticides!
  • Trader Joe’s– Contains Natural Flavors and Soy Lecithin.
  • Lipton- Contains Corn Starch, Natural Flavors, and Carmel Powder.
  • Tazo- Contains Natural Flavors & harmful packaging.
  • Yogi- Contains Natural Flavors.
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