Bali Botanic Lavender Essential Oil

Because I refuse to use any synthetic scents, lately I have been having a lot of fun exploring essential oils. Not only do EO’s smell amazing, almost all of them come with awesome, all natural healing properties for a variety of ailments we face each day. Right now, one of my favorite EO blends is this Lavender Essential Oil by Bali Botanics, as it is amazing to use when I need some serious rest & relaxation. Lavender Essential Oil has so many great benefits, check out a few of my favorite ways to use it!

Lavender Essential Oil can be-

  • Diffused to calm anxiety
  • Dropped on pillows for a deep sleep
  • Added to a warm bath to eases muscle tension
  • Massaged onto temples to reduce stress
  • Mixed with a carrier oil for a fragrant massage or body oil
  • A natural way to repel bugs or to heal bug bites
  • Used to treat sunburns or acne
  • Oil burned for a natural home scent
  • Used as a natural room spray, new fave!
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