I wanted to have a place my readers could shop all of my favorite items. Below is a master list of all of my current favorites, these will be updated monthly!

Skin Care -FACE-
Acne Treatment- Kypris Clearing Serum • Osmia Organics
Acne- Fighting Face Wash- Fitglow Age Clear
Facial Soaps- Osmia Organics great for dermatitis!
Sun Spots & Hyperpigmentation- Fitglow Vita Active Serum • Kypris Moonlight Catalyst • 100% Pure
Natural Retinol Treatment- Kypris Moonlight Catalyst • Fitglow Youth Oil • 100% Pure
Face Oils for Under Makeup- Kypris Antioxidant Dew mixed with Beauty Elixir III
Face Lotion for Under Makeup- Osmia Organics • Fitglow Vita Rich Cream
Tinted Moisturizer with SPF- 100% Pure
Night Cream- Osmia Organics • Fitglow Vita Rich
Night Serums- Kypris Antioxidant Dew mixed with Beauty Elixer III • Fitglow Vita Active Serum
Face Exfoliate- Kypris Glow Philtre • Osmia Organics
Makeup Remover- Vapour Organic
Face Washes that Remove Makeup- Fitglow Vita Active
Cleansing Balms- 100% Pure
Cream Cleanser- Kypris • Fitglow Cleansing Milk
Under Eye Cream- Good Medicine • 100% Pure
Anti-Aging Oil- Kypris • Fitglow Youth Oil
Toning Mist- Fitglow Sea Toning Mist • Good Medicine
Reparative Face Mask- Kypris Glow Philtre
Hydrating Face Mask- Kypris Glow Philtre100% Pure Moisturizing MaskGood Medicine Honey Bee Mask
Detoxifying Face Mask- Osmia OrganicsKypris Detox Mask
Konjac Sponge for Cleansing- Various types here.
Face Wipes- Kaia Naturals
Tinted Face Sunscreen- Raw Elements
Lash Enhancer- Plume

Skin Care -BODY-
Body Scrub- Prim Botanicals
Bath Bombs- Beauty By Earth
Bath Salts- Malaya OrganicsGood Medicine Beauty Lab
Body Soaps- Osmia Organics
Body Wash- 100% Pure
Eczema Treatment- Zoe Organics
Body Balm/ Scar & Burn Healing- MAHALO Body Balm
Body Lotion- The Wonder Seed • 100% Pure • Osmia Organics
Hand Cream- The Wonder Seed
Body Butter- Osmia Organics
Body Oil- KyprisGood MedicinePrim Botanicals
Deodorant- Primally Pure • Bare Bones Body
Shave Cream- CoCo Lavish • TASTYFACE Organics
Organic Perfumes- Good Medicine Beauty Lab • Lotus Wei • Tsi-La OrganicsLeahlani
Sunscreen- 100% PureLaguna Herbals
Sore Muscle Spray- Born Skincare
Baby Care- Zoe Organics


Face Primer- CrunchiHynt Beauty • Vapour Organics • Kypris
BB Cream- 100% Pure
Full Coverage Foundation- Crunchi paired with Hynt Concealer
Light Coverage Foundation- 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer
Loose Setting Powder- Fitglow BeautyCrunchi
Pressed Powder Foundation- Hynt Beauty
Eyebrow Filler- Eco Brow
Eye Shadow Primer- Hynt Concealer
Cream Foundation- Kjaer Weis
Cream Concealer- HyntAu Naturale 
Contour Foundation Sticks- Vapour
Bronzer-  Crunchi • Au Naturale • Lily Lolo 
Mascara- Lily Lolo • 100% Pure • per-fekt Lash
Pencil Eyeliner- Antonym
Liquid Eyeliner- Zuzu Luxe • 100% Pure • Jane Iredale
Red Lipstick- Nudus
Lip Stain- Jane Iredale
Lip Shine- RMS • Kari Gran • 100% Pure
Lipsticks- Nu Evolution • NudusILIA100% Pure  • Cate McNabb • Red Apple • Fitglow
Lipgloss- Crunchi • Jane Iredale • Au Naturale • 100% Pure • Fitglow • ILIA
Eyeshadows- Jane Iredale • Antonym • Nu EvolutionKjaer WeisZuii Organic
Lip Liners- Jane Iredale • Gabriel Cosmetics • Zuii Organic • Cate McNabb
Cream Blush- Kjaer Weis • Tata Harper
Blush- Lily Lolo • Jane Iredale • 100% PureZuii Organic • Gabriel Cosmetics • Au Naturale
Cream Highlighter- Kjaer Weis • ILIA • Vapour
Chapstick/ Lip Healing- Malaya OrganicsBeauty by Earth • Henne Organics • Tata Harper
Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes- Crunchi • AntonymLuxie
Makeup Setting Spray- Jane Iredale

Hair Care-

Shampoo & Conditioners- Innersense Organics
Hair Serum- Innersense Organics • Prim Botanicals
Dry Scalp Repair Spray- Aleavia
Dry Scalp Serum- Innersense Organics
Leave in Conditioner- Innersense Organics
Dry Shampoo- Green & Gorgeous • Rahua • One Love Organics
Hairspray- Innersense Organics • Rahua
Eco-Friendly Hair Wraps- Hubalou

Sunless Tanners-
Medium Tan- Eco Tan
Darker Tan- Chocolate Sun

Nail Polishes-
Trust Fund Beauty– Free of Benzophenone-1 but not entirely non-toxic.
Polish Remover- Karma Naturals

Tinted Face SPF- Coola • Josh Rosebrook • Raw Elements
SPF for body and entire family- Raw Elements • Laguna Herbals
Face SPF Primer- Kypris

Home Use-
Household Products- Puracy
Organic Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent- Buckaroo Organics
Room Spray- Lotus Wei
Odor Remover- Buckaroo Organics
Stain Remover- Puracy
Hand Soap- Puracyflourish

Dental Care-
Toothpaste- Davids or Dr. Brite
Mouthwash- Dr. Brite
Teeth Whiteners- Dr. Brite

Coffee & Tea-
Matcha Green Tea- Matcha Ninja
THAO Tea Co.
Grounds & Hounds

Pet Dental Care- Dr. Brite
Dog Food- The Honest Kitchen
Pet Insurance- Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Affiliate Programs- 

On my blog I do share affiliate links, however, I will never use an affiliate program unless I truly love the brand. I can never be paid for a positive review and do not collect a commission on any item I do not whole-heartedly love. Also, just because I offer a code, does not mean I am making a sale, most times, the codes are strictly to save you money with me getting 0% of the sale. If you have any other questions on how this works just email me, thanks a bunch!