Project Juice Review

Because I know you all are just as obsessed with finding cool new juice companies as I am, meet Project Juice! Not only does Project Juice sell juice from their retail locations all over Northern and Southern California, they also offer direct to you home delivery which is awesome for people short on time like me. I have been searching for a new juice company to try out and thanks to Instagram came across this company. Their yummy unique flavors and super pretty pictures lured me in and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. While yes, these juices are pricey, you must remember that you are paying for some of the best, most fresh Organic juice on the market so for me, it’s worth the cost, especially to avoid making a giant, time-consuming mess at home. So to give you a better idea of why I love this company, check out some of my favorite features of them!

Project Juice Review

Why I love Project Juice-

  • All juices are Premium Cold Pressed
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Certified
  • They have close relations with their farmers at all times!
  • They offer yummy, unique flavors.
  • Nationwide Delivery!

Custom Juice Pack Review-

Now that you know why I wanted to try this company out, let me tell you about the juices I tried! I chose to order a Custom Juice Pack which lets you select your flavors. I love this feature because far too often I am stuck with juice flavors I do not enjoy, just because they are part of the cleanse. These Custom Juice Packs are designed to let you pick and choose your favorite juices based upon your personal needs and likes. Pressed from up to 5 lbs of organic produce, each bottle of Organic juice delivers nutrition that is bursting with flavor and filled with healthy vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants.

Flavors Picked: Watermelon Berry, Beta Bomb, Immunity, Green Ginger, Detox, Almond Milk, Get Up & Go and Chocolate protein.

Project Juice Review

Favorite Flavors-

Chocolate Protein: My favorite flavors were all of the Almond Milk based ones, they tasted so creamy and delicious and the Chocolate Protein was perfect for after a workout! Made with Organic Raw Almonds, Purified Water, Date Paste, Banana, Raw Almond Butter, Cacao, Ultra Brown Rice Protein, Kale, Sacha Inchi, Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt, Stevia, this is one of the tastiest ways to get some protein in for the day!

Project Juice Review

Watermelon Berry: I love anything Watermelon so I knew this would be an immediate fave! Made with Watermelon, Strawberry, Young Coconut Water, Green Apple, Lime this one was so beyond tasty and, of course, refreshing on a warm Summer day!

D-Tox: Made with Pineapple, Young Coconut Water, Mint, Green Apple, Chlorophyll Water, this D-Tox is an amazing way to get in some much-needed nutrients for the day! To read the full benefits of the D-Tox, click here.

Project Juice Review

Coupon Code-

Overall, this is a really great juice company that I would strongly suggest checking out, they were easy to order from and all of the juice arrived packed cold, fresh and ready to drink. Because this site has sooo many different combinations and delicious flavors, you might want to try it out yourself! If so, code organicbunny will save you 10% OFF the entire website, but for a limited time only! To do a little shopping, head here. <SHOP>


3 thoughts on “Project Juice Review

  1. Love your post, very informative. I will surely try out these Project Juice. They look so yummy. Do you have any recommended flavor? Thanks, Mary.

    1. I love the Immunity, Potion 10, Tumeric Lemonade + their seasonal flavors!

  2. Love the juice. Its amazing

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