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There are many sources of Vitamin C… but not all sources of Vitamin C are created equal. Try Truvani‘s Vitamin C made from Acerola Cherries! Absolutely no synthetics, only made from real food. Acerola Cherries are one of the richest, natural sources of Vitamin C, containing 50-100 times more Vitamin C than oranges and lemon!

What it Does-

  • Aids In Healthy Digestion: Vitamin C helps promote the production of stomach acid, improving the break down of food.
  • Supports A Healthy Heart: Vitamin C can switch to a pro-oxidant when needed, which may help support healthy heart and blood vessels, while helping to maintain cholesterol levels already within normal range.
  • Supports Iron Absorption: Vitamin C may aid in iron absorption which promote the production of red blood cells and oxygen transportation in the body.
  • Supports Brain Health: Vitamin C plays a role in supporting working memory and cognitive function.
  • Improves Hair, Skin, and Nail Health: Vitamin C is important for collagen production, which helps support the health and structure of hair, skin, and nails.

To Use- Take 1 tablet per day with food

Size- 30 tablets | 30 day supply

Vitamin C sourced from Organic Acerola Cherries, Organic Tapioca Dextrin, Organic Rice Hulls, Organic Rice Extract Blend, Organic Acacia Fiber


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