Sofia Ramsay Power Stone Bracelet in Howlite


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Howlite is the ultimate calming stone, with its smooth white surface and gentle rivers of grey. The secret power of Howlite is focus, as it quiets the surrounding noise to discourage any distraction from entering your space. Bring balance back to your life with this energy reset in the form of a bracelet from Sofia Ramsay. Genuine semiprecious stones surrounded by solid brass beads and securely strung on adjustable cord bracelets. Buy a few and wear in a stack.

Stone– Howlite. CALMING • PATIENCE • BALANCE. Semiprecious stones are organic and no two are alike. Expect that your power stone will have unique inclusions and spiritual essence.

Size- Adjustable, Fits most.

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY.
Made in United States of America


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