Scentual Aroma Botanical Perfume Oil Sampler


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Still looking for your signature clean scent? If so, take a look at this adorable 6-piece botanical perfume sampler from Scentual Aroma. These perfumes are derived from plant sources like flowers, fruits, plants, and resins, highly scented and concentrated, however, not overpowering like synthetic fragrances. Please note that each individual’s skin is different & with perfumes, the longevity and the spirit of the notes will smell and last differently on every individual.


  • Le Jasmin: Single note of fragrant exotic jasmine. Sensual, floral & long lasting.
  • Tubereuse: Complex exotic floral scent described as the scent of the skin under sunlight. Overwhelmingly beautiful.
  • Fleur D’oeillet: A spicy floral aroma tinged by sweet dark honey notes and a blend of clove, black pepper and exotic floral powdery sweetness notes.
  • Robe Noir: Woody notes of sandalwood and frankincense. Earthy, mildly sweet and aromatic.
  • Mon Ile: Fresh tropical notes of coconut with hints of creamy vanilla notes. Sweet, bright & delicious blend.
  • De Mer: Your temporary escape to feel & experience the soft breeze from the sea & unwind. Fresh, Clean & Unisex scent.

To Use- Use the roller ball to apply to pulse points—the wrists, behind the ears or the neck.

Size- Set of 6 | 2 ml Each.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Seed) Oil*, Parfum (100% Natural Aromatics)*.


**Solely Derived From Pure Botanical Source


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