Rawmio Coconut Caramel & Crushed Cashew Bark


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Want a sweet treat that’s still on the healthier side? If so, give this Organic chocolate a try. Made with 70% stone ground raw chocolate topped with crunchy coconut caramel-coated cashews and lightly sweetened cacao nibs, these are not only so yummy but as clean as chocolate can be! Rawmio is the ultimate fusion of antioxidant-rich superfood nutrition and raw chocolate decadence. These simple, clean ingredients and artisanal methods combine to create some of the finest organic chocolate in the world. These are also tested for heavy metals which is a big win considering many other chocolates are known to test high!

Cacoa- 70% Peruvian Cacao

Size- 2.12 oz / 60 g

Raw Cacao Nibs*, Raw Cacao Butter*, Coconut Sugar*, Raw Coconut Butter*, Raw Cashews*, Celtic Sea Salt*, Vanilla Bean Powder*, Coconut Sugar Sweetened Cacao Nibs*.

*Certified Organic


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