Raw Elements Lip SPF 30 in Pink Shimmer


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This Pink Lip Shimmer with organic sugar, pomegranate, and papaya protects, moisturizes, and provides a radiant shimmer to your lips. Made from certified all-natural, organic ingredients, and non-Nano zinc oxide, this water-resistant lip SPF from Raw Elements provides UVA-UVB true broad-spectrum protection with a light pink tint. Organic sugar granules produce a gentle, sweet exfoliating experience while pomegranate and papaya nourish and hydrate your lips with a pop of color. Pink Lip Shimmer 30+ is the perfect combination for all your outdoor adventures as well as your go-to daily lip shimmer.

To Use- Apply to lips as needed.

Size-  .15 oz | 4.2g

Active Ingredient: Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Raw Sugar, Pomegranate, Papaya

* USDA Certified Organic
** Certified Natural


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