Prim Botanicals Candle- Isle of Flowers


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Get excited because brand new Prim Botanicals candles are here! Made with nothing but essential oils and 100% Natural soy wax, these Vegan candles are a dream! Inspired by the mythical Philippine island of Polobuluc, or the Isle of Flowers. On this blissful island, gardens of lilies glistened like silver on its sunlit shores. Their sweet scent filled the air as fruits grew wild, and fountains sparkled in the sun. The people there were the happiest in the world. They danced and sang and were free from every care and sorrow. Light this candle, transported to the Isle of Flowers, and feel your worries melt.

Smells Like- Whimsical, Fanciful, Floral. Top notes of Lilies, Soft Florals.

Volume- 9 oz.

100% Natural Soy Wax. Phthalate Free. Vegan. Pure Cotton Wick. Burn time is around 60 hours. Made in New York.



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