Organic Bunny Smoky Quartz Points


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Think all crystals are created equal? Think again! Like diamonds, there are various levels of quality and authenticity when it comes to Gemstones so you know I had to carry only the best. Entirely raw and natural, if you compare these stones to most store-bought stones, you will notice a big difference in the clarity, sparkle, and shine because these are truly some of the best gemstones you can find. Never heated or altered, these pretty pieces are breathtakingly beautiful and can make such a shift in your everyday routine, each stone holding a different form of magic! Want to learn more about your new crystal? Pair it with our favorite Crystal Guide!

DISCLAIMER- All crystals are one of a kind, naturally extracted from the Earth. All crystals will vary in pattern, color, shape, and imperfections.


  • Small- 1-2 ounce
  • Medium 2-3 ounce
  • Large 3-4 ounce

Smoky Quartz is for- Truth, Grounding, Neutralizing EMF, Detoxifying, Soothing Trauma & Removing Negativity!

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About- If you are someone looking for a crystal to help you remove negativity from your life all while grounding and balancing you, the Smoky Quartz may be perfect for you! This stone is also amazing to help amplify the power of the other stones in your collection, raising both you and your gemstone’s vibes as high as can be. Because the Smoky Quartz is part of the highest realms, the perk of that is that it amplifies the truth of everything near it. Smoky Quartz can be used quickly to calm you during stressful times or during deeper meditations to encourage you to release any emotions no longer serving you like fear, anger, resentment, or jealousy.

How To Use Smoky Quartz– Sitting in a quiet, calm, and clutter-free space, hold your Smoky Quartz and simply feel it’s positive energy flow through your hand, up your arm and into your soul. Let it’s energy flow over you to calm and soothe you and any emotional pain you may be in. For deeper healing with this stone, sit with it and when ready, program it with a specific intention. This could be something like- “Release any emotion that does not contribute to my highest self.” It also is often used for letting go so you can program your stone with an intention like- “I will let go of the past and the memories that no longer serve me!”

Place In- Because this stone is known for it’s ability to neutralize EMFs, keep one near your electronics so they can absorb any negative EMFs. Smoky Quartz is also great as a decor piece, known to create balance and harmony wherever placed. If you program with a specific intention, always keep it nearby so you can remember it often.

How to Cleanse- The Smoky Quartz can be cleansed using running water, moonlight, or sage! Simply place your stone in the moonlight, outside, on a Full Moon for a cleansing. You can also use sage to reset and purify its energy.


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