Organic Bunny Amazonite Crystal


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Looking for a new way to elevate your mind, spirit, wealth, romance, mood, happiness, or success? If so, crystals are an amazing way to manifest your best life yet. These magical stones are not only breathtakingly beautiful but they can also create such a shift in your everyday routine as each stone holds a different form of magic!

Like diamonds, there are various levels of quality and authenticity when it comes to crystals so you know I had to carry only the best! Entirely raw and natural, you will see a big difference in the clarity, sparkle, and shine compared to other stones as these are never heated or altered. Simply pick the stone that speaks most to you and let it work its magic! Want to learn more about your new crystal? Pair it with our favorite Crystal Guide!

DISCLAIMER- All crystals are one of a kind, naturally extracted from the Earth. All crystals will vary in pattern, color, shape, and imperfections.


  • S- 1 to 3 ounces.
  • M- 3 to 4 ounces.
  • L- 4 to 5 ounces.
  • XL- 5 to 7 ounces.

Amazonite is for- Expression, Luck, Courage, Balance, Inspiration, Connection & Manifestation.

Amazonite Jewelry- Love this stone? Check out the jewelry options we have with it here!

About- Amazonite is an extremely rare crystal known for bringing hope & good luck. It will encourage you to be bold & brave and to relentlessly pursue your hopes and dreams. It is the anti-anxiety medication of the crystal world bringing joy and happiness into your life and helps to release toxic emotions and trauma. It will also support you to move beyond the fear of confrontation or judgment so you can freely express your true self. Amazonite is helpful in clearing energy blockages and balancing the Yin/Yang energies as well as making sure your masculine and feminine energies are in harmony. It is a good energy filter also, blocking geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution emitted from devices such as computers, cell phones & microwaves. 

Chakras- Heart & throat, however, it calms all the chakras.

How To Use- Sit quietly in a darkened room, holding your Amazonite crystal in the palm of your hand or hands. Take a few deep breaths and connect with all 5 senses. Gaze at your stone, allowing it to dissolve any negative thoughts that may float to the surface. Then choose a powerful affirmation to infuse into your crystal. Keep your amazonite close by throughout the day to strengthen its manifestation powers.

Affirmations- My senses are in tune with my surroundings; I can achieve anything I set my mind to; I am in touch with and trust my intuition.

How to Cleanse- Run your Amazonite crystal under lukewarm water for a few minutes and dry it with a soft towel, then place in the morning sun to charge for about 30 mins.


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