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If you have yet to experience a chilled, cold-brew cup of Matcha Green Tea, you are about to be in for a serious treat as this Organic + Raw Matcha Ninja is simply the best! Not only does Matcha provide you with a boost of clean energy, but it’s also a much healthier alternative to coffee as it comes with antioxidant levels 17 times greater than Wild Blueberries and 60 times that of Spinach, crazy! Besides being good for you, this Matcha Ninja is whisk-free, never bitter, and comes with 10 single serving packets, making it the tastiest, easiest possible way to get fresh matcha each day.

To Use- I prefer my Matcha Green tea in latte form, simply mix with the liquid of your choice, blend and you’re done! What I found works best is adding homemade cashew milk, matcha, and ice to a blender, mixing that up and drinking it blended and icy. You can also sweeten it up if it’s too plain, simply add in a few Organic Dates, Fruit, Maple Syrup or even Honey!

100% Organic, Raw Matcha.

5 reviews for Matcha Ninja Singles

  1. Heather W

    Love this matcha, it tastes good with just water! I usually will sprinkle a little cinnamon in it. I give it 4 instead of 5 stars because it clumps a lot when mixing. I can’t just shake it and it be mixed. I usually have to go back and use a spoon to break the clumps up.

    • theorganicbunny

      Try starting with the water first and then adding the matcha in slowly. Leave enough space at the top to seal the bottle and shake. It should blend perfectly! xo

  2. Stephanie Aviles

    These are a must especially when I’m rushing in the morning to head to work and don’t have time to sit and drink a full cup of matcha or coffee. I enjoy the taste with just some hot water or iced with almond milk if it’s a hot day. I find that a good mix usually dissolves the clumps.

    • theorganicbunny

      Tip- always start with the liquid then add the matcha and shake! Hopefully that helps dissolve every last clump too! xo

  3. Brittany

    I just started drinking matcha lattes recently and these packets are super convenient and easy to make at home. Plus they taste so yummy! I love that you included a recipe for an iced matcha latte in the description. I’m definitely going to try that next!

  4. Cheylynne (verified owner)

    So delicious! The packets are easy and quick. The tea tastes amazing! I haven’t tried it iced yet, only hot. I do 3/4 hot water, 1/4 coconut almond milk and sometimes add xylitol. But it tastes really good just on its own too. It’s worth the change from coffee. I don’t feel dependent on coffee in the mornings anymore. I don’t crave caffeine yet the matcha gives me the energy boost I loved from coffee. Thank you Organic Bunny for introducing it to me 🙂

  5. Marianna (verified owner)

    I LOVE LOVE this Matcha!!!! I’ve only tried it warm but will eventually get around to trying it iced. I prefer using cashew milk but now that I found out I’m intolerant to cashews 🙁 I use almond milk or coconut milk. You do not need to whisk it at all… I love mixing in cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger with the nut milk. Thank you Amanda for introducing us to this yummy matcha. I used to use organic burst but this is so much better!!!!!

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