Matcha Ninja Pu’erh Ninja Large Pouch


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Grown exclusively in the rich soils of the Yunnan Mountains in China, Pu’Erh tea is unique amongst other teas due to its extensive fermentation and drying process. This process provides Pu’Erh tea with unique health benefits, including weight management, mental alertness, increased metabolic performance, and the ability to lower bad cholesterol. Pu’Erh Ninja from Matcha Ninja is offered in an easy-to-use powdered format, allowing consumers to instantly make and enjoy Pu’Erh tea. Like Matcha Ninja, Pu’Erh Ninja is organic, easy to use and offers the additional health benefits of consuming whole leaf teas.

To Use- Simply mix with the liquid of your choice, blend and you’re done!

Size- 70g

100% Pure Organic Pu’erh Fermented Tea Powder


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