Love Tatum Rose Quartz Heart Bowls


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Keep your treasures safe and sound in this adorable custom Rose Quartz heart bowl by Love Tatum! Hand-carved into the shape of a star, these one of a kind bowls are so adorable for earrings or trinkets all while carrying all of the gemstone benefits we know and love.

DISCLAIMER- These bowls are hand-carved and some may have a more shallow depth.

Size- 4 x 4 x 2

Rose Quartz is for manifesting– Romance, Unconditional Love, Healing, Compassion, Peace & Connection.

About- Known as the stone of love, this precious pink gem represents much more than just love, it is also an amazing stone for bringing yourself to a higher consciousness to gain a clearer or more compassionate perspective. Perfect for those with broken hearts or past trauma, this stone works to restore trust, healing, and acceptance. If you have been holding in any negativity or pain, this will encourage it to flow out of you, leaving you with a more loving and connected heart. This stone is also great for couples and deepening your unconditional love, romance, and connection as well. Need a great gift? This holds the energy of love and friendship so you can set a loving intention and then give this as a meaningful gift.


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