Living Libations Cologne in Forest Radiant Earth of Deep Delight


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Are you ready to explore the forest? If so, take a chance on this elixir of the most enchanting aromatics found in nature. Ground yourself in Living Libations Radiant Earth of Deep Delight as your spirit flies high on deep forest delights – a cologne to provide roots while you revel in flight! Verdant and sensual, this deep-rooted delight unleashes your own natural scent swirled with opulent earth-aromas.

Scent- A radiant blend of velvety-verdant aromatics that delight to no end. A perfect earthy combination that is grounding and uplifting.

To Use- Spritz on chest, neck, or pulse points. Perfect for after a shower or aftershave, as a confidence booster for a great day, or to freshen any room or space.

Size- 30mL

Vetiver – Vetiveria Zizanioides, Sandalwood – Santalum Album, Cardamom – Elettaria Cardamomum, Vanilla – Vanilla Planifolia, Lemon – Citrus Limon, Organic Biodynamic Alcohol


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