Leaf Shave Razor- Mercury

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For those searching for the perfect high-performance razor that both men and women will love, meet Leaf Shave, an innovative razor company that decided to change things for the better by building a three-blade pivoting head right into a beautiful, durable, all-metal razor. No waste. No plastic. Just a perfect shave every time! Hesitant about the price? These also come with 20 blades and lifetime warranties which means you can plan to keep this for years to come!

Blades- All razors come with 20 blades. To insert blades, unscrew the back wheel to open the cover. Snap blades in half, inserting one half of the blade per row. Start with 2, adding in 3 when ready. We have additional blades for sale as needed.

Stand- Want to prop your razor upright? Grab your solid metal Leaf Shave stand here!

To Use- Because this is a more durable and close shave, please start with only light pressure to get the hang of this. It will not shave the same as a light-weight, disposable razor and you must adjust the pressure to match the style of this razor. Start out with 2 blades and light pressure until you get the hang of things. Go extra careful on knees, ankles, and chin.

2 reviews for Leaf Shave Razor- Mercury

  1. Mandy (verified owner)

    This has become one favorite ever products from OB. No more expensive plastic cartridges with mystery sticky stuff. This razor has the upfront cost but the refills for the razors are soooo much more affordable. It is very easy to use. I did not personally have any issues going from a plastic razor to this one. The shave is very close and comfortable. I do recommend a shave cream or bar and moisturizer after since there’s nothing built in (not a bad thing in this case!)

  2. Annemarie (verified owner)

    By far the best razor I’ve ever used. I’ve been using a single blade razor for about 2 years and could never really get the hang of it. i am so glad i splurged on this razor it shaves just as close and just as easy as disposable 3 blades razors but without the waste! Truly an amazing product!

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