The Konjac Sponge Heart Sponge in French Pink Clay

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Meet my all-time favorite cleansing tool, the French Pink Clay Heart Sponge by The Konjac Sponge Co.! Made with nothing but 100% Natural vegetable fibers and nourishing, mineral-rich French Pink Clay, this cute as can be sponge is the perfect addition to your clean beauty cleansing routine! Once wet, this becomes a silky soft sponge, great for gently exfoliating and deep cleansing to leave you with radiant and rejuvenated skin. These sponges are entirely natural and free of all colorants or additives making them a super safe way to start and end each day! Now eco-friendly FSC certified packaging with a window made from cellulose acetate (so it’s completely biodegradable!).

To Use- Before use, rinse your sponge in warm water. Squeeze out any excess water, and you’re ready to go. This can be used with or without cleanser!

Care- After use, rinse well, and allow to dry in an airy place. Never wring it out as this may damage delicate plant fibers. When dry it will shrink and harden, this is perfectly natural. Simply allow it to absorb water and rehydrate before using again!

  • 100% Natural Vegetable Fibers
  • Packed With Minerals And Antioxidants
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% Free From Impurities And Pollutants
  • Earth-friendly
  • 100% Cruelty-free & Certified Vegan
  • Naturally Sustainable
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Kind to The Environment & Skin
  • 100% Colouring Free
  • 100% Additive Free
  • 100% Biodegradable

1 review for The Konjac Sponge Heart Sponge in French Pink Clay

  1. Lindy (verified owner)

    I love this darling pink heart Konjac sponge. The shape is perfect for getting into all of my nooks and crannies. I’m finding that I’m cleaning my face more often because once I rinse it out after use I hang it on my sink faucet to dry and it’s ready to use the next morning.

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