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Ergonomically designed for precise definition and a flawless finish, this unique brush from INIKA is your go-to tool for applying contour to accentuate the high points of the face. This certified Vegan brush features recyclable bristles crafted from high quality fibres, while its handle is made from biodegradable and sustainable PLA derived from Corn and Cassava. The Sculptor Brush intuitively follows the contours of your face for seamless application and blending. Its curved brush with dense bristles is ideal for defining the cheekbones, under the chin and around the forehead. An essential brush for your kit to elevate your looks for MUA-worthy results.

To Use- Gently press the top of your INIKA Organic Sculptor Brush into powder, or if you’re using a liquid, disperse a pea-sized amount onto the back of your hand and then pick it up by pressing the brush lightly into the product. When the top of your brush is lightly coated, sculpt onto the desired areas of your face. Starting along your cheekbones, lightly tap the brush downwards starting from the outside in stopping under your cheeks. Tap back and forth until seamlessly blended. After picking up some more product, tap the Sculptor Brush around the edge of your forehead, along your jawline and under your chin for a contoured effect.

Made from high quality vegan fibre bristles. Handle is made from a biodegradable PLA material, made from a microbial fermentation process with Raw Corn and Cassava.

Natural Ingredients: 100%


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