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Kiss frizzy hair goodbye thanks to these super cute, eco-chic hair wraps by Hubalou! These bamboo-fiber wraps not only ensure your hair stays frizz free, but they also prevent the damage that typically comes from using terrycloth or microfiber towels. Traditional bathroom towels act similar to Velcro, grabbing individual hairs, pulling curls apart, causing breakage and adding to frizz. These are great for all hair types but especially beneficial for those with curly hair to ensure the curls stay smooth and bouncy!

To Use- As soon as I get out of the shower, I brush my hair and then wrap my hair up while applying my makeup. Once I am done with makeup, I bring my hair down and then style as normal. For instructional videos on how to wrap, head to their YouTube page here.

Made in USA.

9 reviews for HUBALOU HAIR WRAP IN Slate

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    Amazing! Just used this wrap for the first time and then combed out my hair and I only lost 7 strands of hair! I’ve always used a bath towel and wondered why I would lose so much hair once I combed it out. Now I know. Bath towels = breakage. This wrap really works!

  2. Mary (verified owner)

    So so happy I bought this 🙂 It’s so soft, doesn’t pull my hair, and absorbs a lot of moisture. Love it so much!

  3. Brittany T. (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about this hair wrap but SO happy I decided to buy it. I have 1 year old twins so I need something to help dry my hair ASAP as I get ready because my hair holds so much water which makes blow drying a pain and very time consuming. BUT since I have starting using the Hubalu, I have been able to cut down on blow drying and my hair is not a frizzy mess afterwards.

  4. Crystal (verified owner)

    It does not surprise me that this item is currently sold out because it is a must have! It definitely absorbs a lot of moisture. I have to be careful not to leave it on for too long otherwise my hair will dry in it. Since using the Hubalu, my hair is a lot easier to tame. I would recommend purchasing two if you can so that you can switch them out while you wait for one to be washed. 🙂

  5. Christina (verified owner)

    I heard Amanda talk about this wrap and figured I’d give it a try – it couldn’t be any worse than wrapping a heavy towel around your hair and trying to balance it on your head while getting ready. I’m so glad I gave it a chance – it helps absorb the water from my hair (my hair loves to hold onto water so this is a major bonus) in less time than towel drying and doesn’t leave it sopping wet tangled mess like towels would. I actually liked this so much I bought a second one so I always have one clean, and plan to buy another to take with me when I travel.

  6. Sarah T.

    A must have!! I have shoulder length hair, I used to wrap my hair up in a large towel and it was heavy and not practical. The hubalou is so lightweight, helps absorb so much water from my hair that my dry time is cut in half, I actually bought a couple, so i can rotate colors. I also take it with me when I travel, because I can’t leave home without it.

  7. Kim Hall (verified owner)

    Why did I not know about the Hubalou hair wrap sooner!! This is definitely a must have for anyone working on their hair goals. The best part is the wrap absorbs so much more water than a regular towel so there is less blow drying time.

  8. Miranda Croteau (verified owner)

    Life saver! Love when I can eliminate as much heat to my hair as possible. This wrap is so lightweight and one of the best hair products I’ve purchased.

  9. Ana Zaiduni (verified owner)

    Great hair wrap, really helps dry your hair while you get ready. It doesn’t pull my hair like a regular towel does and it leaves my hair less damaged. I also like that i can do masks while using this towel as well as apply my makeup with out my hair getting in the way.

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