Grow Candle Insert in Wildflower Rain


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Love candles? Me too! Take a look at these options from Grow Fragrance. Made with 100% certified plant-based fragrance and a 100% certified plant-based blend of soy and coconut oil. This candle uses a Lead-free, unbleached, cotton wick from Germany, and 100% recyclable insert made in the USA from recycled aluminum. Candle holders are sold separately here.

Scent- Wildflower Rain has notes of fresh waterlily, honeysuckle & lilac

Size- 3in wide, 3in tall | 6.5 oz  ·  40-45 hour burn time

Cupressus Sempervirens Oil  (Cypress), Cyperus Scariosus Oil  (Cypriol), Citrus Aurantifolia Oil  (Lime), Methylbenzyl Acetate  (Naturally Found In Gardenia), Indole  (Naturally Found In Jasmine), Benzyl Acetate  (Naturally Occurring In Jasmine), Geranyl Acetate  (Naturally Found In Neroli), Benzyl Salicylate  (Naturally Occurring In Ylang-Ylang), Hexenol-3-Cis  (Naturally Found In Honeysuckle), Linalool  (Naturally Found In Lavender), Longifolene  (Naturally Occurring In Pine Resin), Terpineol  (Naturally Found In Freesia Flowers), Camphene  (Naturally Occurring In Pine Trees), Citronellol  (Naturally Occurring In Geranium), Eugenol  (Naturally Found In Thyme), Dimethyl Heptenal  (Naturally Occurring In Ginger), Methyl Anthranilate  (Naturally Occurring In Jasmine), Phenethyl Acetate  (Naturally Occurring In Pineapple), Phenylethyl Alcohol  (Naturally Found In Almond), Soy Wax


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