Gourmate Pet Treat Co. Wild Caught Calamari


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These single-ingredient dog treats from Gourmate Pet Treat Co. are low in fat and high in protein – no squidding! Freeze-drying technology ensures delicious high-value treats, without artificial flavors, preservatives, or any other additives. New Zealand squid is sliced and freeze-dried, preserving the natural seafood texture and taste that dogs love. Training treats don’t have to be unhealthy! Calamari is a favorite of dog walkers and snaps easily into smaller pieces. Gourmate is the only business making freeze-dried squid for dogs! At 8% fat and 80% protein, this may be suitable for your furry friends with pancreatitis. Also contains omega-3s, zinc, B-12, and more. Suitable for most hypoallergenic diets and cats too!

Size- Approx. 10-15 whole mussels. | Resealable & recyclable pouch

Size- 1.76 oz.

100% New Zealand Squid.


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