Good Medicine Rosy Glow Time – Pink Bath Botanicals


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You mamas deserve some quiet time with this wonderfully curated rosy glow time bath soak from Good Medicine & Mama Glow.  The practice of bathing is rooted in tradition; it restores the body’s equilibrium and accelerates its natural renewal process. There is authentic energy that arises when you spend a few moments simply loving yourself.  This energy is rejuvenating, enduring, and fulfilling. All actions of self-care open our hearts to love more deeply and to live in the moment. This is your moment, and may these waters enfold you in love.

To Use- Sprinkle the desired amount into a warm bath just before entering the water and watch as it bubbles and bursts around you, turning first into a frothy lather and then dissolving into a silky colored pool.

Size- 9 oz.

Safe For Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Natural Fossilized Mineral Salts, Potato Powder*, Sugar Cane*, Coconut Milk*. Colored With Beet Root Powder.  Hand-Selected Essential Oils Of Rose, Lime & Coconut.

*- Organic Ingredient


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