Good Medicine Botanical Perfume in Moon Shadow


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This soft, sultry, warm 100% Natural fragrance by Good Medicine is one of my all time favorites and the best part? It’s something both men and women can enjoy! It just so happens to be one of Kyle’s faves as well. Subtle enough to wear every day but also sexy enough to transition into evening wear, this dynamic blend of desert roses with the soft warmth of Egyptian sandalwood is serious botanical perfume perfection!

Smells Like- Notes of clove bud and cinnamon linger for a moment, adding a hint of spice.

Volume- 10 mL (Rollerball)

Custom Blended Artisan Alcohol and 100% Pure Essential Oils and Attars of:

TOP NOTES: Rose Attar
HEART NOTES: Egyptian Sandalwood
BASE NOTES: Cinnamon & Clove Bud


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