Good Medicine Electric Sky Universal Elixir

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Loaded with activated oxygen (ozone / O3) and unlike any facial serum you’ve experienced, this facial oil by Good Medicine increases cellular function and micro-circulation. It literally breathes new life into your skin with every application, clearing stagnation and dullness. Ozone infused hemp seed oil cocoons the skin, shielding it from environmental aggressors. Just a few drops of this heavenly elixir morning and night is all that’s needed to reclaim youthful skin that glows with life.

Best For- Increasing circulation & luminosity · Diminishing fine lines & wrinkles · Reducing acne & inflammation · Lifting dark under-eye circles · Evening out skin tone and pigmentation · Combating bacteria, fungus & microbes

To Use- Place 6-8 drops of precious oil in your palm. Lightly touch your palms together then gently press the elixir into your skin. Give extra love and oil to your eye area, fine lines, and wrinkles, dry spots, problem areas or blemishes.

Size- 1 oz.

Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil* with activated oxygen (ozone), castor oil*, black seed oil*, jojoba oil*, rosehip oil*, evening primrose oil*, argan oil*, prickly pear oil*, carrot seed oil*, cucumber seed oil*, vitamin E-T50, patchouli EO, geranium EO, frankincense attar.

EO: Essential Oil


**The ozone has a medium shelf life, which is why refrigeration may be necessary for irregular usage. If you plan on using all of the product within six months, refrigeration is not necessary.

1 review for Good Medicine Electric Sky Universal Elixir

  1. Leigh M

    If I could pick one product that has single-handedly changed my skin, this is it. I used to get hormonal breakouts, though my skin is otherwise clear. It moisturizes, softens, makes it look plush and plump and great in every way, and just makes it happy. I will say the serum runs quite thick and also has a smell that isn’t super intoxicating. It seems to smell like ozone, literally. BUT, if you can get past that, it’s the best, most effective serum I’ve ever tried, and I’ve used a number on this site. Absolutely will never go without this ever.

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