Glacier Peak Holistics Daily Defense Powder for Dogs + Cats


Our dogs and cats are bombarded daily with all manner of toxins, from environmental toxins and harmful additives in their food and water to parasites in their intestines and on their skin. As their caregivers, how do we protect them from this constant onslaught? It’s easier than you might think! Daily Defense from Glacier Peak Hollistics is a safe and gentle daily detox for the liver and kidneys as it contains herbs traditionally known to detoxify the kidneys and liver.  It also has herbs known to contain high amounts of organic vitamins and minerals, which make it a great nutritional supplement. It helps prevent the re-infestation of parasites in the GI tract with diatomaceous earth, all while keeping the immune system working in top form. This organic herbal blend also contains sea veggies, known to contain high amounts of iodine, perfect nutrition for healthy thyroid function, which is vital to overall hormonal health.

To Use for Dogs- As with most daily nutritional supplements, it would be beneficial to use this product for 6 days and rest the 7th day – repeating this cycle each week. This allows the dog’s system to rest. Not recommend this product for puppies under 2 months of age. Also please keep in mind, if your pet has a sensitive digestive system, please start with 1/2 doses until you make sure they tolerate this formula well.

  • Up to 25 Pounds: ¼ teaspoon once per day
  • 26-50 Pounds: ½ teaspoon once per day
  • 51-75 Pounds: ¾ teaspoon once per day
  • Over 75 Pounds: 1 teaspoon once per day

Size- 12-ounce package contains approximately 95 servings (1 tsp)

Daily Defense is made with a proprietary blend of Moringa Oleifera, Diatomaceous earth, Garlic bulb, Bee Pollen, Dandelion Root, Nettles herb, Dulce, Thorvin Kelp, Barley grass, and Alfalfa herb.


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