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Looking for a luxurious new oil that can be used head to toe? If so, you won’t want to miss this one by Gangster Chic! Made from nothing but pure, authentic Moroccan Rose Oil, cultured from plants that bloom just once a year in Marrakech. Rosewater is the main ingredient however the essential oil is what is so valuable and it is extremely difficult to find. When you apply this oil, you will experience an insanely magical & mystical sensation of well-being on your skin and an instant rosy-like glow. This oil is the exact formula used by Arabian queens. It is an ancient beauty secret. This oil also helps reduce signs of aging, repairs imperfections, treats acne & promotes collagen production. Topical application of this oil may help boost cell production, making your skin healthier and providing ample moisture.

To Use- In the palm of your hand, pump 3-4 drops of oil and apply to your face, neck, and chest. You will feel a bit of a tingle, and a pleasant tightness & warmth. You will instantly get a rosy glow.

French Tip- Add a cosmetic prebiotic to this oil by adding 2 pinches of Simply Inulin.

Great For- Face, Neck, Chest & Hair, Relaxing Massages, Glowy Skin & Collagen Stimulation.

Size- 28 ml

Pure Moroccan Rose Oil, first cold-pressed. “First pressed” – means the roses were crushed and pressed only one time. The oil extracted from the first pressing is of the highest quality, maximum potency, and purity.


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