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If your dog has ear infections, itchy paws, itchiness, or hair loss, it might be yeast. Poor diet, kibble, drugs, and vaccines can all feed unhealthy yeast populations, which can stress your dog’s immune system and create allergy symptoms. There are three key steps to eliminate Candida, yeast, and fungal infections which is why there are three key products in this Yeast Bundle! You will want to grab this kit by Four Leaf Clover if you want to eliminate your dog’s yeast! Please know, you must eliminate the poor diet to keep the problem from returning.

  • Step 1- Break Down Yeast’s Protective Coating with Yeast Guard.
  • Step 2- Eliminate & Detoxify Yeast with Digest
  • Step 3- Restore & Replenish Gut Bacteria with Gut Guard

This veterinary formulated trio of products works synergistically and scientifically to help deactivate Candida, yeast, and fungi and restore gut health. Pack your bags, yeast! Yeast-Free Fido is the safe and natural way to reduce and detoxify harmful yeast populations. Once symptoms resolve, continue to support your dog’s gut health with Protect. Protect contains veterinary formulated probiotics and a friendly yeast to help keep Candida and yeast populations down. 

Dosing for Dogs- Give all 3 products (Digest, Yeast Guard & Gut Guard) once daily or as directed by your veterinarian. Follow label instructions. For best results, give Yeast-Free Fido for 60 days or as directed by your veterinarian. It’s also recommended to give your dog a high-quality diet free of starches and pesticides.

Included- 1.4oz Jar Yeast Guard | 1.3oz Jar Digest | 3.2oz Jar Gut Guard


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