Fab Dog Packaway Raincoat in Camo


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Keep your dog nice and dry in this adorable raincoat from Fab Dog! Never get caught in the rain unprepared again as you can take this travel-size raincoat with you anywhere and unfold it into a fully functional and totally fashionable raincoat! Just slip on the hood and your rain boots, and you’re ready for a splashy walk around the block, no umbrella necessary. This coat is water-resistant and comes with mesh lining, adjustable toggle hood harness hole, and belly band velcro closure that then folds up into the outer pocket for easy travel!

Color- Camo.

Sizing- Please measure the length of the dog in inches from the base of the neck to just before their tail.

To Wash- Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.

100% Nylon Shell.


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