Ethical Global ECOMAX Spa Firm Body Brush in Pink Sisal


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This very lovely, ethically produced brush from Ethical Global is handmade from 100% natural sisal fiber. The ECOMAX Spa Firm Body Brush has medium strength bristles ideal for all over dry body brushing and can even be used wet in the shower or bath. Practiced for centuries, the gentle ritual of brushing the skin with a dry brush, followed by showering has benefits beyond beautiful skin. An act of self care that gently exfoliates, increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system supporting detoxification of the body.

To Use- Use daily on dry skin. Hold in hand and gently buff in circular motions towards the heart, starting with the legs. Move the brush in a clockwise motion on the stomach and midsection to aid in digestion. Use gentle pressure, making sure to buff all parts of the body. Follow with lotion or body butter.

100% natural sisal fiber


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