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Have you tried Gua Sha yet? If not, look at these stunning stone options from ESSENTIALIST INC. Just like our bodies, the face is made of muscles that can benefit tremendously from gua sha by addressing stagnant energy, increasing blood circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, breaking down the fascia, and reducing facial bloating. With regular use, you will not only ease tension and stress and minimize lines that naturally form from expression, but you will actively tone and enhance skin elasticity too. Working with the epidermis and dermal layers beneath gua sha also helps to prevent and clear breakouts. There’s a reason gua sha users report having smoother, plumper, and more lifted-looking skin; it works!

Style- Wavy – The waved-edged tool has been designed to caress the face and neck and is ideal for gentle lymphatic drainage work.  The shape makes it easy to hold, and a larger surface area makes it perfect for bodywork on the shoulders, arms, legs, and back.  This tool is excellent for those discovering gua sha, as no complicated maneuvers are necessary for optimal utilization.

To Use- Pair with a facial for the treat your skin is begging for.  Start by generously misting toner or essence onto a freshly washed face. Follow with 3-5 drops of our Daily Renewal Facial Oil and apply it all over your face and neck. The key is creating a surface your tool will glide across- never practice on dry skin. Take this time to set the tone for your ritual with some deep cleansing breaths.


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