Eco Tan Luxurious Double Sided Tan Applicator Mitt


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So there’s two sides to this story. The smooth side is non porous for our tanning waters, the textured side for creams and mousse! Helping you achieve that professional result we all want! It’s the perfect partner to all of Eco Tan‘s organic tans. Reusable, simply hand wash. This excellent applicator is made from natural and recyclable fabric and materials and is your trick to an instant bronze glow.

To Use- Pop your hand inside this mitt and apply your organic tans directly to the dry mitt or onto clean dry skin. Rub mitt over body in circular motions starting at the ankles, working your way up. We recommend fluffy side for our mousse/creams and smooth side for our brilliant tanning waters. Reusable, simply pop me in a wash bag on gentle cycle or handwash after use. Rinse immediately after use.


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