Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss


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More Effective than Regular Floss and in a Biodegradable Dispenser! There’s no floss quite like Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss. It stretches and expands into inter-dental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high-performance floss is suitable for everyone – people with tight spaces, wider spaces, and even people with braces. It’s also great for gums. Smart Floss dental floss is soft and stretchy, unlike other flosses with no spring that can often hurt gums and fingers!

To Use- Apply one drop of Happy Gum Drops along the floss and wrap approx.18 inches (45 cm) of floss around your fingers and draw tight. Tug and release (it expands). Slide floss between teeth, curve it around the tooth, and clean between tooth and gum with gentle up and down motion. Repeat using a clean section between each tooth.


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