Daily Concepts Daily Leaves Silicone Scrubber for Body


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Ready to transform your experience in the shower? Take a look at these Daily Leaves Silicone Scrubbers from Daily Concepts. The body leaf is shaped to cleanse your uniquely beautiful body and all of its parts. The silicone bristles exfoliate and massage your chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and back to leave your mind relaxed and your skin feeling fresh, clean, and smooth. Included with the body scrubber is a suction cup to hang, dry, and keep your body scrubber organized and looking beautiful in your shower.

To Use- Breathe deeply as you apply your favorite body wash to your Body Scrubber and add water to create a luxurious lather. With the scrubber looped over your hand, use circular motions to give your skin a light massage as you cleanse the skin. When done showering, clean and rinse your body scrubber. Place it on the suction cup hook to hang, dry, and display in your shower.

Size- 1x leaf silicon scrubber | 1x Suction cup hook



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