Chocolate Sunless Tanning Lotion in 2- Cocoa Glow

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Sunless tanning is one beauty product I just can’t seem to quit, however, finding one that was as safe as possible, but that still performed well seemed to be a challenge! That was until I discovered this Chocolate Sun brand last year and I must say, I’ve been obsessed ever since! Besides smelling like divine, fresh chocolate, this sunless tanner applies amazing, so smooth and creamy, and really does creates the most gorgeous color out of any others I’ve tried! Made with Eco-Certified DHA derived from Sugar Beets, Organic Aloe, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa, Vanilla + more, this Vegan-friendly tanner can be used on both the face + body and it comes in three different shades, Light-Medium-Dark!☀

Shade- The Medium color is best for those with Medium tones. I personally use this 2 nights in a row to achieve a moderate gorgeous new glow.

Preparation- Skin must be exfoliated, clean, dry and free of all other products. Shake product vigorously prior to application and prepare a damp cloth and a dry cloth prior to starting your application. These cloths will be used to wipe palms of hands every so often during application, to prevent the product from settling into your skin.

Application Tricks- Use gentle, large, circular strokes for application to body – overlapping each stroke to avoid streaking and missed areas. It is best to let the product absorb into the skin, rather than aggressively rubbing into skin. For detailed application instructions, please visit the Chocolate Sun site here.

Volume- 8 oz.

Ph-balanced Distilled Water (Aqua), Eco-certified DHA (Dihydroxy Acetone) Derived From Sugar Beets, Organic Sunflower, Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus), Organic Sweet Almond (Prunus Dulcis) Oil, Organic Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Gel, Organic Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil, Eco-certified Cetearyl Olivate (Derived From Olives), Eco-certified Sorbitan, Olivate (Derived From Olives), Organic Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Eco-certified Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Leaf Extract, Eco-certified Glucono Delta-lactone (A Food Derived Salt Preservative), Eco-certified Sodium Benzoate (A Food Derived Calcium Mineral Preservative), Eco-certified Calcium Gluconate (A Food Derived Fruit Extract Preservative), Eco-certified Sodium PCA (Amino Acid), Organic Cocoa Absolute (Theobroma Cacao), Vanilla Extract (Vanilla Planifolia). 94% Organic Ingredients. Water Not Included In Calculations. All Chocolate Sun Organic Ingredients Come From Certified Growers. All Additional Ingredients Are Either Eco-Certified, Wildcrafted And Or 100% Natural. All Formulas Use Vegan-Friendly Ingredients. Tested Only On Humans.

11 reviews for Chocolate Sunless Tanning Lotion in 2- Cocoa Glow

  1. Caroline

    Wow! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars! This product is amazing. The yummy smell is just the beginning….Before this I was using a healthy-ish tanner that was a foam and you had to use a mitt and the whole nine yards. This one is just like a body lotion. You can apply it all over your body and not worry about any streaking or discoloration of your hands or joints. I just lathered it on and washed my hands afterwards. so so easy and I put on skinny jeans and a blouse. No residue or anything. simply amazing! officially converted!

  2. Kaitlin Olson (verified owner)

    First off- the smell! Self tanners I’ve used in the past have a very distinct smell, this one smells wonderful. I will say when it starts to activate and develop (6-8 hours later) it smells a little worse but that goes away with the first shower. Doesn’t feel sticky or have a residue, feels very nice on. I have a pretty fair complexion and actually decided to go for the medium tan and it looks great! Definitely a “tan” and not subtle but the color looks natural and there are no streaks or patches. Love this product!

  3. Shaylene (verified owner)

    I am a naturally medium tan person but since I rarely get to be out in the sun nowadays I wanted my legs to always match my top half lol. I absolutely am OBSESSED with this tanning lotion! It’s super easy to use and develops beautifully. I do two layers of it and the color lasts me about a week. So when I know I will be wearing skirts or dresses I typically use it or if I’m going on a trip so I can have a nice bronzed look. It’s also very natural looking, not noticeable at all in my opinion that you used a lotion unless you apply it unevenly.

  4. Allison Dolin (verified owner)

    I am obsessed! This is hands down the best self tanner lotion I have ever used–conventional or organic. It applies flawlessly and I saw really impressive results by the morning. I took a shower, applied the lotion like any other lotion, and made sure to wash my hands after, then went to bed. The results when I woke up were really above and beyond what I could have expected. The color is beautiful and natural. The smell is delicious. It gets a little more “tanner product” smell after it has developed, but it’s very light and completely worth it for the amazing results. I would recommend this to everyone! It does not take any experience or expertise to be able to apply this product with ease and achieve beautiful golden tan results!!

  5. Kaiti (verified owner)

    The Chocolate Sunless tanning lotion is a must for events. It’s the nicest soft glow. No streaks, easy to apply, and faded very naturally. As a first time sunless tanner, I was very happy with how easy the application was and how well my tan turned out. Each application doesn’t require much lotion, so I believe the bottle will last many tans.

  6. Terri Jenkins

    Hands down the BEST self tanner product I’ve ever used and I’ve tried a ton of them. I love that this doesn’t smell like that strong fake tan scent or transfer on clothes or sheets. (I like to apply at night) it doesn’t look orange or get “splotchy”. This is the perfect shade if you just want to enhance Your natural color if you have olive skin or a more natural looking tan. I also love that I can use this on my face without breaking out!

  7. AnaIsabel (verified owner)

    What a great self tanner!! I am super fair and most self tanners (in the past) would leave me with an orange hue….not this one though! And I love that it doesn’t have that awful self tanner smell. Great product!

  8. Laura Cooper (verified owner)

    This is a great self-tanner lotion! I’m pretty fair with pink undertones and this looks very natural. I applied it pretty much like regular lotion rubbing in circular motions – except did a little less on my drier areas (ankles, knees, etc). Went to sleep with very pale legs and woke up with the perfect shade of tan! Smells delicious and chocolately at first – the next day it did have a faint “fake tan smell” but not too noticeable. Once this lotion dries (a few minutes or so), I put on my regular clothes with no issue. Fair warning: I am a hot sleeper and while it’s only happened once, it did leave some color on my white sheets – however, it came right off in the wash without issue. 🙂 Highly recommend!!

  9. Libby Janczyk (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. It’s nice and creamy and easy to apply. I like that it comes with a pump so I can just leave it on my bathroom counter and quickly apply to arms and legs whenever I need a glow (usually do it one day before). It’s gives a very natural pretty glow.

  10. Amythest (verified owner)

    This is hands down the best tanning lotion I’ve ever used. The color is great and the application is so easy! The smell is just an added bonus of how great it is!

  11. Leanna

    Recently received a sample of this and will absolutely be ordering the full size!! I have very fair skin and this adds the perfect subtle glow to my skin. Smells great, looks so natural and has buildable color if applied every couple days. Hasn’t stained any of my clothes and application process if super easy and flawless – just rub in like lotion!

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