Bio Seaweed Gel UNITY Gel Polish in 228- Very Berry


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You asked for a cleaner gel polish option, so here it is! Bio Seaweed Gel has created a line of gel polish products formulated without the top five common, harsh chemicals: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA, and camphor. This gel polish provides 2+ weeks of high shine chip-free nails and can be applied onto natural nails or over artificial extensions. Thanks to this unique one-step gel polish formula that combines a No-Sanding Base, Color, and No-Wipe Top all-in-one bottle, enjoy a quicker gel polish application. Optional to add a base for extra strength and a top for a longer-lasting shine. When you are ready to remove your gel manicure, you’ll want to grab a bottle of Unpolished gel mask nail remover. Please note, this is still a gel nail polish and NOT a product I would consider clean. It is simply a cleaner option than the conventional options currently available.

Color- 228- Very Berry– Bright orange red, solid finish.

To Use- Revolutionary one-step gel polish with No-Sanding Base, No-Wipe Top, color, and nail strengtheners all-in-one bottle. Optional to add a base for extra strength and a top for a longer-lasting shine. Shake bottles well before use. Paint thin layers. Double the cure times when using a non-BSG lamp. These gel polishes also feature exclusive SolarCure technology that allows the gel polish to be cured in the sun with no lamps if desired. A video on how to use this method can be found here.

  • 1. PREP NAILS- Lightly buff nails and cleanse with 70%+ alcohol to remove oils and dust. Wait for the nails to dry completely. No primers, bonders, or heavy sanding is required.
  • 2. BASE GEL POLISH (OPTIONAL)– For extra strength, apply one thin coat of desired Base Gel Polish. Cure for 30 seconds in LED lamp or 1 minute in UV lamp. Note: Base Gel will always remain tacky even after curing
  • 3. UNITY FIRST COAT- Shake well before use. Apply one thin coat and do not cap the free edge. Cure for 1 minute in LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp.
  • 4. UNITY SECOND COAT- Repeat Step 2 until desired opacity is reached. UNITY cures to the touch with no tacky inhibition layer for no cleansers required.
  • 5. TOP GEL POLISH (OPTIONAL)– For a longer-lasting shine, apply one thin coat of desired Top Gel Polish. Cure for 1 minute in LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp.

Curing Times- It’s recommended to double cure times if using a non-BSG lamp. 

    • Base Gel Polish Cure Times- LED 30 seconds, UV 60 seconds.
    • Top Gel Polish Cure Times- LED 60 seconds, UV 120 seconds.

Size- 15 ml | (0.50 fl.oz)

Aliphatic Urethane Acrylate, Aromatic Urethane Acrylate, Phenylbis(2,4,6-Trimethylbenzoyl)Phosphine Oxide, Isopropylthioxanthone, Pigment


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